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From Petty Criminals Series 40” x 80” mixed media on canvas

Angela Grossman talks about “Small Crimes”

Angela Grossman’s series “Small Crimes” makes an appearance on November 4th – 8th thanks to Capture and the Art Rental and Sales at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The series, based on found mugshots of Vancouver criminals incarcerated for petty crimes in the 30’s and 40’s, has found its dream exhibition space in holding cells in the basement of the old law courts, now the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The series asks poignant questions about prison systems, both historical and contemporary. In it, Grossman plays with the tension between speaking for her subjects and offering them a chance to have their pasts re-written. The exhibition promises to be a conversation starter, we hope you’ll find it as compelling as we do!

Here’s a video of Grossman speaking to the series that Winsor Gallery posted on their blog from Hot Wet Art City:

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