Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod was born and raised in Vancouver. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, studying ancient history, cultures, and languages. While at UBC, he participated in two archaeological excavations: one in Greece and one in BC. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he pursued a Master in Classical Archaeology at Oxford University.

Upon returning to Vancouver, Duncan began a year-long internship at the SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, where he helped to redesign the displays and layout of the museum. He has been working at the Vancouver Maritime Museum for over three years and has overseen the operations of the curatorial department for the past two years. As of June 2015, MacLeod holds the title of Curator of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and in the summer of 2016 he joined One Ocean Expeditions’ vessel Akkademik Iøffe on a transit of the Northwest Passage, where he gave lectures on Arctic history and historical interpretations of the locations the ship visited.

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