Based on Victoria Kon’s artist book I, which incorporates elements of photography and design, the exhibition I, Volume 1 features 8” x 10” photographs that also appear in the book.

According to Kon, the photographs are informed by the form of the book itself. Each page has an evenly spaced set of eyes photographed from a single subject. To remove possible anthropological or racial connotations, each set of eyes was printed on nonsensical coloured pages, the bright hues of which also play against the banality of the white-space style of design. The concept was inspired by the artist’s fear of human interaction and eye contact. For the project, the photographer met the eyes of each subject mediated through the lens of a film camera. The resulting evidence is archived through the handmade artist’s book, where the personal experience of the artist is also made available.

Published by the artist, the book is produced in conjunction with Publication Studios Vancouver and is available for viewing and purchase for the duration of the exhibition.

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