In her ongoing series titled Out of Studio, Torrie Groening documents a travelling artist’s makeshift workspace in both real and constructed locations. By staging an impromptu studio as a place of work, we are invited to experience the contemplation and awareness that forces the artist to rise to the occasion.

Digital manipulations and enhancements, including the addition of Groening’s personal tools and props, add depth and texture to each image. The results combine watercolour, print, and photography through a montage method that is unique to Groening’s work.

For this exhibition, the focus of the out-of-studio experience is on Groening’s hometown of Vancouver. Among the locations depicted are a temporary studio alongside moss-clad gargoyles at the Vancouver Hotel and a Strathcona alley garden with layered views to the city’s skyline.

Groening’s Green City Glass Blue series intimately speaks of the ongoing changes in Vancouver’s landscape, a transformation that is evident not only in the images she creates, but also in the artist’s own journey.

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