Light is energy. We take for granted that our reality exists only in visible light, yet just beyond that spectrum exists infrared, a realm where life is particularly active. Tomas Jirku uses an infrared-sensitive camera to capture this realm and presents it in context with visible light to highlight the distinction. Plant life is especially reflective of infrared light, as it glows brightly, radiating intense energy. This is true even in the harshest of mountain environments.

With this unseen world brought to the surface, the images challenge the viewer to consider processes that exist all around us, yet beyond our senses. To not take anything solely at face value has great implications, even in the daily life of a commuter.

Presented in partnership with
Canada Line Public Art Program—InTransit BC

Georgia Straight and 
Capture Canada Line Competition Station
Twelve entries to the Canada Line Competition were shortlisted by jury, and the winning photographs, by Tomas Jirku, were determined by public vote on the Georgia Straight’s website.


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