Exquis Complete is a collectively assembled installation that traverses digital photography and mixed media. Teen Arts Umbrella students—Bali Chu-Mehrer (age 14), Emma Clarke (age 16), Adonia Cormier-Sondraal (age 15), Aiden Grayson (age 13), Peter Ingleson (age 10), Lara Trost (age 11), and Ivan Zhou (age 12)—and lead instructors came together for a semester to generate a new body of work inspired by a traditional surrealist drawing exercise—the Exquisite Corpse.

This installation directly correlates to the exhibition Exquis Process at Remington Gallery, which explores the process of the installation and breadth of the Exquis Complete project.

Presented in partnership with
Canada Line Public Art Program—InTransit BC

Olympic Village Station is curated by
Arts Umbrella

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