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Danny Singer, Saco Storm Sky, 2013 Archival inkjet print, 44" x 71"

Go Do This Now!

From our experience, it can be tricky to fit in all of Capture’s openings into your week (there are over 50 in total, after all… cough, cough!). In case you’re lagging behind in your gallery-hopping, here’s a heads up: this Saturday marks the striking of 5 fantastic exhibitions!

We’ve put together a quick list so you can catch them before they’re gone forever!

Anspayaxw: an installation for voice, image, and sound
Artist: John Wynne
Curated by: Karen Duffek
Exhibition Location: Satellite Gallery

The Gilded Life
Artist: Holly Marie Armishaw
Exhibition Location: Back Gallery Project

Adam Fuss
Artist: Adam Fuss
Exhibition Location: Douglas Udell Gallery

Main Street
Artist: Danny Singer
Curated by: Shane O’Brien
Exhibition Location: Gallery Jones

Asleep In Your Branches
Artist: Tristan Casey
Curated by: Adam Lupton
Exhibition Location: Positive Negative Gallery

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